Thanksgiving to me

Victoria Kindall ‘21

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Throughout the course of time, the holiday of Thanksgiving has been viewed with many different perspectives. Some may look at it as a day to gather with family, while some may think of it as the time to start saving money by shopping for Christmas gifts early. Others may overlook it and only recognize it as the holiday between Halloween and Christmas, but very rarely do we take time to reflect and be thankful for the many luxuries we are afforded.

It helps me to acknowledge what I am thankful for throughout the year, not just during this season, so I can appreciate all the small things in life. Ever since the sixth grade I have played the alto saxophone and as a result of this I am thankful for being a musician. Through being a musician I was able to play in a school band where I learned the fundamentals of music that would enable me to continue to play my instrument. Now in high school I have been able to grow as a saxophone player in my contemporary music class by performing in front of my peers and by improving my listening skills.

I am also thankful for the many opportunities I am able to take advantage of. Going to a school as unique as Springs gives many people like myself the opportunity to venture out and try new things that are not available at other places. Throughout my first couple of years at Springs I have been able to participate in clubs such as mock trial, debate, and Christianity club, which are opportunities not offered at all schools. I have come to appreciate these activities because I know the experiences that I have with them now can help mold my future interests and better prepare me for college. Springs also opens the door for other opportunities such as volunteering for various organizations and participating in our student-led system of government. I am thankful for these opportunities because they allow me to figure out ways in which I can give back to my community and school.

Music and opportunities are just two of multiple things I have to be thankful for. My family and friends are always people who I value and give thanks to, but I wanted to think about things people tend to sometimes overlook. So with all the different perspectives I believe giving thanks is what the holiday should be. With family and friends, food and laughter, that is what Thanksgiving is to ME!