The Woodward Post

Issue 7: The Woodward Post 2018

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Taking the Reins

Over the past two years, I’ve watched The Woodward Post develop into an impressive paper that brings together so much of the talent that students at Springs have to offer and represents our community well. I’ve admired Ada’s strong leadership and dedication to making this an integral part of the Springs experience, and while I cannot truly replace her, I am honored to be continuing her legacy while still allowing this paper to grow and change.

As the end of the school year draws near, we come closer and closer to parting with an amazing senior class as well as some of our most beloved teachers. While I know everyone is insanely busy and antsy for summer, I encourage you to savor what little time we have left with them. Springs continues to evolve with each new person, and it will not be the same once these people leave. The seniors definitely left their mark on this school and I hope we will all strive to do the same in years to come.

On that note, please enjoy our last issue of the Post this year. In it, you’ll find a farewell to Dr. Neely, a personal reflection on Contemp at Springs, a final camp spotlight, a discussion on trans rights, the triangle cat comic's finale, and a report on women’s summer fashion. Don’t miss out on any of these great articles, and good luck to everyone with sports, APs, finals, and future endeavors. Let’s make these last weeks count.


Abigail Shepherd '19




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