It’s cold out today

Heather khamis ‘19

 It’s Cold Out Today

Mama always told me to wear a jacket but I didn’t listen today

you see I was in a hurry

A hurry so hurried there wasn’t time

For jackets, scarves, mittens, hats

Just soaked socked feet

One after the other

If I had had more time I could’ve put on my sneakers

If I had had more time I could’ve thought to sneak out the backdoor

Instead of making a run for it

But I didn’t

I didn’t know like I didn’t know how icy it was outside

How easily I could slip

How far I could fall

Till I tumbled like a pool ball into the snow

And clenched my teeth into it

When the bullet entered my back

Touched my spine

gently brushed against my heart

Till it coaxed out my blood

Which united gratefully with the snow

Settling with it’s new host

In a combination of cold, brisk white

And cherry red

It’s so cold out today