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Procrastination at it's...finest 

Sorry, that took us a minute.

Welcome back to another camp spotlight! While I was planning this article, I turned over and over in my head what to cover. There are plenty of camp things I could write about: indie video games, more anime, ’90s toys, more anime, beauty pageants, or even. More. ANIME. But then I thought, “Anna Lisa, you’ve already procrastinated so much, you wouldn’t have time to research anything you don’t know about. And, I mean, really, do you think you could write confidently about anything but anime? Even then, the Garzy’s Wing spotlight took at least two hours to research, and double that to write and agonize over the revisions.” So, there you have it. Procrastination has only drawbacks. But . . . wait. That’s it! That’s what I’ll write about.



AKA: Senioritis

    [Insert stuff about being lazy here]

    [Write more about own experience here]

    [How is it even camp? Note: research]

    [Conclude with something witty]


~Anna Lisa Goddamn, ’18


P.S. Hope everyone had a good choir tour/break! I know I did   v(*’-^*)-☆