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The May issue


Receiving the Torch

Since the fall of 2017 when Ada Cohen, our first and brilliant editor, announced she would be bringing back the long forgotten Woodward Post, I have been incredibly supported and inspired by the many writers, thinkers, and innovators who have shared their thoughts through the Post. It takes courage to write, great courage to write thoughtfully, and immense courage to publish thoughtful writing.

As a dedicated admirer (but not yet participant) of Ada’s project, tenth grade me followed the Post’s development avidly, idolizing the brave souls who would publish their opinions on the public forum. So, when the talented Abigail Shepherd called her first meeting as editor, in a burst of determination I flocked nervously to Room 9, expecting an intense and competitive screening process to become a member. Much to my surprise, Abigail informed the room there were no prerequisites, no necessary skill sets, no previous experiences required to be a part of the Woodward Post. You could write, you could edit, you could do layout, you could make videos, you could take pictures — whatever you loved, you could do it. So, surrounded by a group giddy to share their ideas in many different shapes and sizes, I was encouraged and inspired to share my writing.

But what I would like to leave you with is the knowledge that anyone -- anyone -- can and should share their ideas. I could go on and on about how much my writing, but more importantly my intellect, has developed because of the amazing leadership, intelligence, and warmth Ada and Abigail have brought to Springs (and if you ask me about it, I will go on and on). It seems like a dizzying feat, but the Woodward Post and all of Springs encourages such daring endeavors. If you are interested and excited by a topic, you are beyond capable of communicating an effective and engaging commentary, no matter your experience. Start anywhere, and you’re on the right foot.

In our last precious, nostalgic weeks with our seniors, I encourage all of you to  celebrate the amazing opportunities the Class of 2019 has left us with, and I especially encourage you to give Abigail a high five for being the coolest.

I am ecstatic and honored to continue the powerful legacy Ada and Abigail have left us with, and I cannot wait to get started.


Virginia ‘20


PS - there will be snacks


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photos courtesy of Jacob helbig ‘19 (Top) & Abigail Shepherd ‘19 (bottom)