Photo Courtesy of Al.Com

Photo Courtesy of Al.Com

Sadie's at Springs

On October 14th, one of the most anticipated events of the school year took place: the Indian Springs Sadie’s dance. Students from the eighth through twelfth grades danced, took pictures, ate cookies, and hung out with friends at the Regions Field Banquet Hall from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Traditionally, girls ask guys to Sadie Hawkins dances, but Indian Springs has altered this convention to allow anyone to ask or accompany anyone. As a result, everyone has a chance to attend this spectacular event. With so many students in attendance, many different fall fashion trends were on display. 

Dress styles included sparkles, satin, the color black, florals, and Converse shoes worn with dresses. Sarah Jane Hay and Liv Komisar stood out in their bold, glittery gowns that didn’t require bright makeup or much accessorizing to dazzle onlookers. Emma Kieve and Ava and Madei Davis were some of the ladies seen in stunning satin dresses; delicate reflection of the light accentuated the wearers’ eyes. Satin dresses can be difficult to pull off, but the ladies who wore them at the Sadie’s event did so flawlessly.

With the calendar turning from summer to fall, it was no surprise that the color black made an appearance at Sadie’s. Black has the added advantage of being a figure-flattering color that makes almost any dress more classic. It also pairs easily with a wide variety of accessories and makeup, and flatters every skintone. Lexi Hodson, Grace McCarty, and Megha Ghanta’s ensembles all featured black to great effect. Given the mid-autumn context, floral designs featuring velvet red and bright blue made perhaps their final debut of the year. Rachael Murdock and Carmen Rossman were among the lovely ladies whose floral-patterned gowns made for an intricate, eye-catching look.

Some ladies opted for a more unconventional and comfortable shoe style: Converse sneakers, which make for easy walking and dancing, and are much more forgiving than heels, especially by the end of a long night. Sonia Gueye and Lydia Motamed rocked this look.

Classic suit styles were paired with a rainbow of tie colors. Some of the cravated crowd took the “neck-optional” approach, wearing their ties around their heads instead. Among the bold accessories on view were Mohammad Hamo’s Gucci belt and Grace O’Malley’s guest’s hipster, round sunglasses.

Overall, the students who attended Sadie’s were dressed to impress--and impress they did, with a range of styles that lent an air of sophistication to the event. A special thanks goes out to the Commissioners of Recreation, Kadie Jacobs and Constantine Giattina, for planning and executing a fantastic night. Be sure to check the Springs website in the coming weeks for pictures of the fashion and fun.


- Cecilia Reisner '18 and Caroline Baker '18