October sports recap

Jack Markert ‘19

Lebron James on The Lakers (Courtesy of The Big Lead)

Lebron James on The Lakers (Courtesy of The Big Lead)

This past month, the intensity of the fall sports season has kicked off. In college football, only five undefeated teams remain (Alabama #1, Clemson #2, Notre Dame #3, UCF #10, USF #21) after Ohio State’s grueling defeat at the hands of Purdue (49-20) and LSU’s upset over Georgia (36-16). Over the next month, look out for these games, which could decide who will make the playoff or who will be watching from their couches: 11/3: #6 Texas vs. #13 West Virginia, #7 Georgia vs. #12 Kentucky, #4 LSU vs. #1 Alabama; 11/10: #17 Penn State vs. #20 Wisconsin, #19 Oregon vs. #23 Utah; 11/23: #10 UCF vs. #21 USF, #8 Oklahoma vs. #13 West Virginia, #14 Washington vs #15 Washington State; 11/24: #4 LSU vs. #16 Texas A&M, #5 Michigan vs. #11 Ohio State.

In baseball, the world series just began after the thrilling divisional playoffs, with the Red Sox and the Dodgers emerging victorious. Stay tuned for more World Series information.

The NFL has had an eventful month, with the Los Angeles Rams being the only undefeated team remaining, leading the NFC along with the Saints. The Patriots have since rebounded from their poor start to a 5-2 record, leading the AFC along with the Chiefs and Chargers. The defending champions, the Eagles, have had a slow 3-4 start, but with the return of Carson Wentz, they still have the opportunity to turn it around. Stay tuned for your NFL updates.

Finally, with the start of the NBA season came many surprises. The Lakers, led by Lebron, remain winless along with the Bulls, Cavs, and Thunder. With Kawhi in Toronto, the Raptors have had an impressive 4-0 start to the season. The defending champions, the Warriors, have begun the season with a 3-1 record but will likely become the dominant team in the West. Stay tuned to see if the Warriors deliver with their all-star starting lineup.