A Letter from the Editor

A Letter from the Editor

At The Woodward Post’s first meeting of the year, I rolled up ten minutes late with only twenty mini-brownies, car-heated lemonade, and two bags of salt and vinegar chips. I burst into the room, winded and sweaty, expecting a complete mess of a meeting to ensue, and I quickly jotted a meeting plan into my notebook (mostly for my own sanity). To put it plainly, The Woodward Post’s Editor-in-Chief was not at her best. 

To my surprise, by the time I looked up, there were about twenty students talking amongst themselves, sitting on desks, eating brownies, and respectfully sipping the not-chilled lemonade. When I got everyone’s attention and started babbling about the power of words, everyone remained engaged, still excited and passionate. 

Despite my clear lack of put-togetherness, the fellow comrades remained unphased, ready to write, laugh, struggle, collaborate, and think. When I asked people to introduce themselves and announce how they’d like to contribute to The Post, almost every person declared at least three topics, completely and utterly unrelated. One student proclaimed, “I will be writing on international politics, the culinary world, and the occasional movie or book review, but I can really write on anything you need me to.” When discussing our goals for The Post, students suggested everything from “learning to effectively communicate by refining our writing skills” to “sharing Springs’ values to the greater community” to “providing general merriment.” 

I was greeted not by judgement, but by a group of people willing to be a part of a team. We support and encourage each other. We edit each other’s work. We almost-consistently turn things in on time. We struggle with our beliefs and struggle even harder with communicating them. We power through. We grow together. 

So if you’re looking for a messy group of kids with growing pains; if you’re looking for good people trying to be better people; if you’re looking for thoughtful, kind, passionate young writers and artists excited to share their ideas, you’ve come to the right place. 

No matter what you’re looking for:

Welcome to The Woodward Post. 


Virginia Gray ‘20 

Photo Courtesy of Abigail Shepherd ‘19

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