ian huh 

Letter to self

Playing, Sleeping, Eating, Studying

I knew

Never expressed myself, never showed emotion

I rue

Hanging out with only the few people I knew

Didn’t get along with a lot of people

Everything was like this until I met her

The goddess, the angel, the queen

Most lovely and beautiful I see

Before I knew it, I had fell in love

Like a fallen dove

With her, I felt true happiness

Caring, Adored, Loved

Never have I thought, one person could change me forever

But time went by,

We couldn’t stay together

Jealousy, Heartbroken, Deceived

It was when reality finally hits me

When I realized it was too good to be true

It is cruel for what I pursue

For I have thought it was everlasting

Playing, Sleeping, Eating, Studying

I knew

Express myself, show emotion

I do

I believed in fantasy,

Now I understand reality

Don’t dedicate to just one and ignore responsibilities

Focus on your priorities

Hockey fights


They bash each other in the heads like two bulls

Instead of going for the puck,

They go for each other

Fists, sticks

All being swung

Helmets, skates

All being flung

Sticks used like swords

Ice covered in blood

Players falling down like a plague


Referees, teammates, coaches

Attempt to stop the chaos,

Only to lead to their demise

More blood on ice

More falling bodies

Commentators go crazy

The audience is amused