Reflections and Narratives


Reflection: Private Prison Industrial Complex

William Marshall ‘21


A Mother Loses Her Daughter: A Story of Emotional Abuse

Hampton Terrell ‘20


The Difference Between a Summer in Mississippi and Japan

Molly Frohsin ‘20


Red Bulls, Flannels, and Birks Oh my!

Miller Simon ‘22


End of Senior Year Thoughts

Max Simon ‘19


Five Things I’ve Learned From Springs

Maya Cassady ‘19


Reflection Beautiful Women

Victoria Kindall ‘21


Greenwashing: A Highlight Reel of the Best Attempts to Assuage Consumer Guilt

Catherine Goodrich ‘20


Vomiting On Tate Shuttlesworth: An Eighth Grade Memoir

Virginia Gray ‘20


Eternal Children

D’ Anthony Allen


The Youngest Grandma: A College Essay

Sophie Young ‘19


A College Essay: Lisa Hobdy

Lisa Hobdy ‘19


A College Essay: Emma Storm

Emma Storm ‘19


Art Museum Addict: A College Essay

Sarah Jane Hay’ 19