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Is Bar Taco Worth the Hype?

Bartaco opened a brand new restaurant in Homewood—its first Alabama front—just a few months ago, and ever since it has been the place to go when you are craving tacos. The cuisine is Brazilian- and Southern Californian–inspired street food that is both elegant and relaxed. Other entrees on the menu include tuna poke and chicken soup, which strays from the Tex-Mex style.

Of course I had to join the craze and try it myself. The first time I ate Bartaco’s food, it was a catered affair, and their salsa verde sealed the deal for me: it became the reason I had to visit the restaurant. What I like most is probably the restaurant’s atmosphere. The inside transports you beachside; the floor plan is very open, and in the warm months the outside and inside are separated.

The service is quick—you to fill out your own order card and can customize your meal however you’d like—and the food is both light and filling at the same time. The tacos are relatively small, but you can get three different kinds in one order and it is a full meal! Bartaco caters to every person’s palate: they have vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free options. My favorite taco was the crispy avocado, which is topped with a fried avocado and a citrus-y slaw—and it’s vegan! The pork belly taco, with its exquisitely tender meat, is also a show-stopper. You have to end your meal with the churros and chocolate sauce—maybe two orders if you’re like me.

- Carolyn Grammer '18