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Ben Shapiro

Since Washington is consumed with a series of sexual assault allegations, I figured it would be best to discuss something less hostile and discouraging. I would encourage everyone to watch videos of Ben Shapiro, a conservative writer, talk show host, and political commentator. He graduated two years early from high school and was at the top of his class at Harvard Law School. He has won fame for his arguments with college students all across America, and I have found his debates to be informative, entertaining, and remarkably well informed.

I think American politics needs more people like him on both sides of the aisle. Too many of our politicians rely on platitudes and crafted sentences to compensate for their lack of understanding. He combines immense knowledge and understanding with near-perfect clarity of thought. If our politicians could emulate Shapiro’s approach, I believe political discussions would be less hostile and more substantive. When uninformed individuals debate issues, nothing is resolved given the mutual lack of understanding. Shapiro and people like him would facilitate the orderly discussions needed in functioning democracies.

Shapiro takes all questions when he speaks and doesn't shy away from providing what he feels is a respectful and honest answer. People are much more willing to discuss issues when they are informed, and Shapiro is a perfect example. His willingness to walk into a room filled with individuals of differing views probably comes from the confidence he has in his understanding and research. If more of our politicians were willing to answer the hard questions without rehearsal or avoidance, Americans would respect their elected officials and institutions more.

So I encourage anyone interested to take a look at some of his debates on YouTube and see what you think. He addresses the hard topics that few people feel comfortable discussing these days. If our politicians took a Shaprio-like approach to constituent relations, our government would run much more efficiently.

- Hal Rogers '18